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Instagram is one of the most effective social media platforms for marketing. In order for this to work, you need to grow your following. Simple right? Yes, it is, however it takes up a lot of time.

Let us do the time-consuming task to organically grow your Instagram following while you focus on your work.

What you get:

  • More Real Instagram followers every month
  • Instagram growth strategy you can use yourself

Things we need from you:

  • Information on your Business
  • Instagram login
  • Your biggest competitors on Instagram
  • Instagram accounts you want to keep following
  • Your location


How will I track the new followers?

As this service is a recurring service that runs every month without stopping, we will keep track of the new followers for you and you will receive an email with an update after every cycle (month).

Do I need to speak to an agent on a call?

To start this service all we need are your answers to the questions in the Intake form that we sent you and a little help when logging into your Instagram account. This is a very “independent” service that does need a lot of involvement from our clients and was specifically designed to free up time from this time-consuming task of finding new followers. By doing this service, you gain more time, which gives you a chance to focus on your marketing strategy. To run this service successfully, a call is not necessary as email communication has served our 150+ clients very well.

Can I do this service if my website is not live?

Technically, yes, we can run the Growth Engine without a live website, but as this is part of your marketing strategy, you do want to make sure that your followers know where to go if they are interested in your art. There is no point in growing your social media accounts if the clients have nowhere to go and purchase your art, so our advice is to properly set up your website and then start with this service.

I don’t have an Instagram profile. Will you create it for me?

Creating and setting up social media accounts is the responsibility of each client, so this should be set up before we start with your service, for other marketing reasons as well as for the realization of this service.

Do I need to message my new followers?

You do not have to do that but it is considered good practice to personally welcome your new followers, especially if you’re still in the “under 1000 follower” stage. A touch of personal always goes a long way, but only if it’s a warm welcome, not an immediate sales pitch. Be careful if you decide to contact your new followers, as this can easily backfire.

Do I need to do anything to help the Growth Engine?

All you need to do is sit back and relax, as our team will do all the work on this service. You can focus on other aspects of your marketing strategy, like following the Art Marketing Calendar. Allow us to do this for you and watch your follower number grow.

Why are you following these new people for me? They don’t look like they will buy my art.

We follow people based on the accounts you’ve provided in the intake form. There is always a possibility that some might not be likable or not seem like buyers, but we need to remember that this service brings interested followers to your page and that you now need to romance and engage with them in order to convert them into buyers. The Insta Growth Engine brings you interested people in the form of new followers. It is entirely up to you to convert them into buyers.

I heard that IG accounts get blocked because you have people log in from other countries. Will my account be blocked?

Your account is not at risk because we have team members that are working on your account from other countries. We have multiple ASF team members spread across the globe, and they work on a wide variety of teams here, including marketing, the agency, customer support, tech support, etc. 



* NOTE: Minimum 3 month commitment requirement. 

If you wish to run the service for only 3 months, please let us know. Otherwise the subscription will continue.



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