Dedicated Marketing Consultant (Beta)

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What you get | What we need

Marketing your business online is filled with moving parts which you need to be aware of and ready to take on. Your marketing process needs to be carefully structured to have maximum effect. We provide you with a personal marketing consultant on a monthly basis. This person will be available to guide you through creating a strategy, following through the process, and getting the most out of your business in the online ecosystem. 

What you get:

  • A personal ASF marketing specialist to help you with your marketing efforts
  • Analysis of your current marketing efforts
  • Up to 3 hours of one on one call time per month (4 sessions / 1 session = 45min)

Things we need from you:

  • Information on your Business
  • Information on any specific path you wish to take (ex. How to use Instagram to best market my business?)


* NOTE: This service only includes consulting and does not offer executing on tasks from the ASF agent assigned to you.

(Pricing is per month)