Facebook Warm Ads Machine

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($150 per month with $300 one-time setup)

Advertising and boosting your content on Facebook is a proven marketing tactic to keep your audience "warm". These are not cold ads that you run for a week and see almost no return on. These are constant campaigns carefully targeting people that have already shown an interest in your business, be it on Facebook, Instagram, or your website. So, when the time comes to ask for a sale, these customers already know and trust your brand

What you get:

  • Facebook Business account setup
  • Consolidating Facebook & Instagram ads management
  • Tracking your website visitors
  • Audience creation
  • Campaign & Ad Group creation
  • Create ads from your existing posts

Things we need from you:

  • Information on your Business
  • Facebook login


What are warm ads?

Warm ads are ads placed in front of your warm audience to increase brand awareness, motivate them to visit your website, or move your audience closer to a purchase.

What is a warm audience?

This service targets only your existing warm audience, which are people that have previously in some way interacted with your business social media profile (like, follow, share, comment, visit) or have visited your website. Your warm audience can also be found in your email list, follower list, etc.

Why are warm ads better than cold ads?

Warm ads are ads that are shown to your email list, website visitors, and social following. This audience is “warm” because it is filled with people who have already engaged with your business. Cold ads on the other hand are ads that target people who know nothing about you or your business. Warm ads help amplify your message to a targeted group of people already interested in your business. Cold ads are very costly and many times they don’t lead to sales.

How many people can I reach? How many people will see my ad?

With the Warm Ads service you can reach up to 100% of your warm audience, but this number greatly depends on the size of your audience. Also, the percentage of your warm audience reached by each ad is defined by the spending budget. The warm audience size is determined by the size of your email list + the number of website visitors in the past 180 days + people who have engaged with you on social media in the past 365 days

What is a cold audience? How is it different from a warm audience?

A cold audience is people who have never heard of your business and are completely new to what you are offering, whereas a warm audience is people who have in some way interacted with your business at some point (like, follow, comment, share, visit).

How do you find my audience?

As a source to create a warm audience, we use four parameters:

  • People that have interacted with your website,
  • People that have interacted with your Facebook page,
  • People that have interacted with your Instagram profile, and
  • People who have subscribed to your email newsletters.

I’m not seeing my ad anywhere. What am I paying you for?

The reason you might not see your ad is that it is supposed to be seen by your audience and not you. Within this service, we will provide you with video instructions on how to view your running ads.

What kind of posts do you use to create ads?

We use existing social media posts to create each ad. This service requires you to create a post once a week, which will specifically be used for creating an ad. Please note that we do not create posts for you within this service. These posts need to have a link that leads to an exact art piece on your website because this brings the viewers to your website, which essentially brings them closer to purchasing. With that being said, please note that each art piece image posted on your social media account, needs to exist on your website too, otherwise there will be no point in advertising it.

What is a ghost post?

We mainly use your posts for ads, however, sometimes Facebook doesn’t allow the use of your posts, and then it is necessary for us to create an identical post in the ads manager. This is called a ghost post. The difference between a regular post and the ghost post is that you will not see the engagement on your post but on the ghost one. Ghost posts are used if you post a multiple-image ad. Also, ghost posts are used when you want to change the text of the post that we previously ran as an ad but you would like to run it again.

What kind of ROAS (Return On Ad Spending) can I expect?

Return on Ad spending is a metric where we can measure how much money you invested and how much you got back from the Warm Ads service. However, there is a process of reaching that metric and it involves time and a budget of over 15$/day in most cases.

What is Facebook Pixel and How Does It Work?

Facebook Pixel is a piece of code for your website that lets you measure, optimize and build audiences for your advertising campaigns. When someone visits your website and takes an action (for example, buying something), the Facebook pixel is triggered and reports this action. This way, you'll know when a customer took an action after seeing your Facebook ad. You'll also be able to reach this customer again by using a Custom Audience. When more and more conversions happen on your website, Facebook gets better at delivering your ads to people who are more likely to take certain actions. This is called conversion optimization.

What are Dynamic Ads?

As you probably know, there are different types of ads and we mostly use 'normal' ads that are connected or identical to your posts from Facebook or Instagram. Another type of ad is Dynamic ads, which do not use your posts as a source but use pixel data from your website. When someone visits your website and views a specific art piece, your ad will conveniently show up on their social media to remind them of the art piece they viewed.