Insta Glow Up

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Let our team of designers and social media experts give your Instagram profile a one time professional "touch up". In order to pass the "smell test", your profile needs to look the part. This is where we come in. We rewrite your profile description and create Stories Highlights with mock-ups and images to engage your visitors. This dramatically increases your likelihood of gaining followers which in turn creates more sales from Instagram down the line.

What you get:

  • Professionally crafted Instagram bio
  • 3-5 categories as Stories Highlights
  • 7-9 professionally designed slides for each category
  • Revisions until you are happy
  • Setup & upload

Things we need from you:

  • Your Instagram login
  • Preferred style & font
  • Logo
  • Your location


How will you know what design is good for my profile?

We will analyze your social media profile before we start, as well as your website, and then we will create the most adequate design that fits well with your art and style. You are more than welcome to send us any additional information that can help us create your vision and design for your art.

Can I do this service if my website is not live?

As our main source of information and images is your website, we cannot create your Glow Up if you do not have a website. However, it doesn’t need to be live yet, but it needs to have all your art and information on there so we can access it and use it in the process of creation.

Will I speak to an agent on a call?

To successfully complete this service all we need are your answers to the questions in the Intake form that we sent you and an up-to-date website. As this service is a one-time creation of the Glow Up images, a call is not necessary for successful completion, email communication has served our 500+ clients very well.

I don’t have a Facebook Page/Instagram profile. Will you create it for me?

Creating and setting up social media accounts is the responsibility of each client and a requirement for your website to get live, so this should be set up before we start with your service, for other marketing reasons as well as for the completion of this service.

What if I don’t like my Glow-Up?

Our agents are all highly qualified professionals and are able to communicate in even the most difficult of situations, so feel free to communicate and let them know what directions you’d like them to go in designing your Glow Up.

Why do you have to use emojis in my Bio text?

Emojis (little pictures) have been essential in communicating emotion, something that words cannot portray and in describing your profile and work, they give an additional mark, one which stays in the mind of the reader subconsciously and reminds them of your art, business, etc. They might look silly, but they have a powerful effect on the viewer.

What is the time commitment?

There is a small-time commitment at the beginning with the intake survey. From there, it would just be approving the created content or giving the design team guidelines on how to edit images.


What a SUPERB job you've done! I like each and every image and layout. I don't understand how you manage to keep a plant branch in front of an image. Well done! Many thanks for your work!

- Danny

Fascinating how you put that all together. I am totally smiling 🙂 You are awesome and so talented. It's such a thrill to see my work like that!

- Wendy


How long will this take?

Depending on how many revisions you would like, we normally deliver an Insta Glow Up in 10 to 14 days.