Marketing Assistant (Beta)

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What you get | What we need

Marketing for your business is not a single isolated task. All the cogs in your marketing machine need to be just right for it all to have maximum effect. We provide you with a personal marketing agent on a monthly basis. This person will be your marketing specialist providing you with the necessary services to help grow your art business online. The main focus of the service is to complete daily tasks from the Art Marketing Calendar.

What you get:

  • Daily completion of tasks in the Art Marketing Calendar, our leading strategy for art marketing
  • Feed posts for Instagram and Facebook (to romance your current audience with relevant and consistent postings)
  • Interesting romance content sent to your email subscribers
  • Organically growing your audience on Instagram by posting on your social media
  • Giveaway and sale organization and promotion on Social Media
  • Know-how consulting via email (everything you need to know about growing your art business online)

Things we need from you:

  • Information on your Business
  • Links to your Instagram and Facebook Business pages (these must be set up and connected before starting the service)
  • Admin access to your Facebook Business page (we will set this up when we start the service)
  • Admin access to your MailChimp account (this requires a MailChimp subscription - Essentials Plan for $9.99, which needs to be purchased prior to starting the service)
  • Preferred style & font
  • Logo
  • Your location
  • Your biggest competitors on Instagram


* If you request to cancel, you may do so prior to the next billing date.

  (Pricing is per month)